Cruise FAQ

Is cruising an affordable vacation?

Absolutely! There are cruise vacations to suit every budget. A cruise offers the best travel value for your money. Your fare includes meals, cabin, onboard daytime activities, nighttime parties and entertainment. You will know what your vacation will cost before you go. (Your only extra expenses will be drinks, gratuities, optional shore excursions, and personal services such as massage or hair styling.) Cruising is an exciting value!

Are all ships and cruises similar?

No! Cruise ships can range from under 200 feet to over 1,000 feet, with a passenger capacity between less than 100 to over 2,600. Experience ranging from casual to formal, classically simple to super-deluxe. You can even choose between traditional propeller-driven craft, sail-assisted cruise ships, or even a paddle-wheel river boat.

What’s an air/sea vacation?

A fly/cruise or air/sea cruise vacation package includes either free or much reduced airfare along with your cruise ticket. These money-saving options are available from most major North American cities and include transfers between the airport and ship as well as baggage handling.

Can I book on short notice?

Depends. Sometime even the most popular cruises have space available because of late cancellations. Best to book early, though, to get the ship and accommodations you want. Most cruise lines also offer early booking discounts for customers who plan ahead. Then, just sit back and anticipate all the fun!

Is a passport necessary?

This depends on the type of cruise and your destination. You’ll probably need at least some proof of citizenship. You’ll receive complete information on required documents well in advance of your departure (another reason to book early!), so you’ll have plenty of time to get everything together.

Can I extend my cruise vacation?

This can be arranged with pre- or post-cruise land packages at the same time you book your cruise. And, in many cases, your airline ticket will include helpful options, such as free stopovers, so you can make your own special arrangements.

What if I get sea-sick?

Today’s modern cruise ships are quite large and contain hi-tech stabilizing devices and advance weather notification processes. In the unlikely event you experience motion discomfort, there are a number of over-the-counter solutions to ease your concerns. These include Bonine, Mecklizine, Dramamine, Transderm Scope Patches, and Seabands. Please consult with your physician or pharmacists before taking any medication.

Can we stay in touch with the outside?

Yes, quite easily. Many ships have a daily newsletter with news, headlines, selected stock quotes and sports scores. Staterooms on all of today’s modern cruise ships are equipped with satellite televisions and in some cases in-cabin internet connections. While most ships now have telephones in passenger cabins, you can also call someone on shore through the ship’s radio operator while at sea. And, you can make phone calls from most ports. In addition, many ships have fax capabilities and newer ships offer Internet access and e-mail capabilities to passengers.

Can I use my hair dryer or shaver?

Most ships have 110-volt outlets in the staterooms. But do check with your us to be sure. Many ships even feature hair dryers in your cabin.

Can we celebrate a “special” day?

Sure! Many cruise lines will even treat you to a complimentary cake and a chorus of Happy Whatever to honor the occasion. Your birthday or anniversary can be more festive with champagne, flowers, canapes, wine or cheese. You can even arrange for a special private party. All you have to do is let us know us in advance.

Do cruise lines accept group bookings?

Most lines will work with groups often at reduced rates depending on how many people are involved. Policies vary from company to company and sometimes during certain times of the year.

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