Affordable Cruise Vacations

Many people associate cruise vacations with spending a lot of money, but it can be less expensive than you think. Unlike a vacation that involves driving, or in some cases even flying, many cruise lines include meals, activities, and entertainment in the fare.

This means that you’ll know your costs before you leave, which makes it much easier to plan. No one likes being mid-vacation and having unpleasant surprises about what lodging or some other feature suddenly costs. When a cruise line includes meals in the ticket price, the only things you’d have to pay for out of pocket are alcohol, personal services, or shore excursions.

Many cruise lines even offer complementary cake for special occasions, such as birthdays.

Save Even More Money With Group Cruise Vacations

You can take advantage of group rates and promotions to make your cruise vacation even more affordable. Not only are rates generally lower when booking several cabins at once, but some cruise lines will reward referral business with personal discounts to you for bringing along large parties. For example, some cruise lines offer a free cruise to passengers that book 8 cabins (the one person doing the booking, not the whole party).

The savings built into a cruise vacation for meals and such compounds in groups, as it can get very expensive to bring a large party to restaurants and various hotels — let alone car rentals and entertainment.

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